Urban Oasis Landscape Design
Good design seamlessly incorporates artisanal treasures as well as appropriate plants. Our signature is the inclusion of mosaic work by Anne Oshman Mosaics or an outdoor mural by Philadelphia artist, Meri Adelman. These can be worked into lawn, paving, wall or container designs. Could a mosaic or mural be just right in your garden?

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We can assist in the selection, purchase and placement of other ornamental elements: urns and containers, statuary, fountains, furnishings, structures, and garden art.

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Artisanal elements add sculptural beauty to the garden

The bird girl sculpture


Stone dove perches among the trees


Broken pottery adds timeless dimension


Pergola with roses


Quintessential red Japanese bridge


Perched owl surveys the patio

Contemplation bench

Stone duck heads to the pond

Stone frogs convene to contemplate bluebells

Gravel labyrinth


Ground sculpture; pavers in law


Mural by Meri Adelman

Mosaic by Anne Oshman