Urban Oasis Landscape Design
New Landscapes
New landscapes require intensive site analysis including topography, access, views, vistas, and drainage. These will all effect spatial layout and sequencing. Every design decision must take environmental issues into consideration. Our designer is sensitive to these aspects of landscape design and can ensure that the design created for your site will meet all the challenges of your property with grace and beauty.

Landscape Transformations: Photo Vignettes

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New elegant formal garden compliments residential architecture:

Original yard, full of invasive weeds and trees

The designer surveys the project as the formal design takes shape

Curves around the lawn echo the Mansard roof and the brick of the chimney

New garden, quietly elegant

Backyard wasteland becomes private courtyard retreat:


Removal of RR tie retaining wall

Replaced with stacked stone

A beautiful and stable new retaining wall

A new brick patio is laid

The back walls of the house and the neighbor's garage give this new patio a courtyard effect

Potted roses add elegance and color to this private courtyard patio

Plantings and land sculpting timelessly anchor architectural structures:

A magnificent pergola looks like a Spaceship in a bare field

A low retaining wall breaks the visual plain

Varied plant heights and textures bring life to the scene

A swath of lawn surrounded by the green wall of the hillside creates an oasis

The pergola's boldness is softened by plants as they mature

The magnificent pergola now belongs to this landscape

Transitional elements enhance a plain fa├žade and create a welcoming entry:

A narrow driveway, overgrown shrubs reduce aesthetic appeal, front walk provides no sense of welcome

The driveway gets widened

The front walk gets curved, putting distance between home and the outside world

Planting beds are prepared

Flowering trees can be seen from inside as well as from curbside

The scenic route to and from the oasis of home

New hardscape visually divides space, adding excitement and dimension:

A big, empty back yard

Old deck dismantled, new layout spray painted on the ground

Spacious stacked stone terrace adds a new outdoor room

Decorative brick paving provides sculptural detail on the ground plain

New garden is full of mysteries begging to be discovered

A new landscape, a new view:

Not much to see here!

The upper tier of the pond, at terrace level, spills down to the lower pond that borders the back walk

A gravel patio hugs the far side of the pond and a path leads under the overhanging roof of the shed